GHG reduction: QS will protect workers, says GND

Solidarity will force major polluters to reduce their GHG emissions, without making workers pay, promises Gabriel Nadeau-Dubois.

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For several days, the spokesperson for Québec solidaire has been questioned about the fate of employees when he promises to “tighten the screws” on major greenhouse gas emitters, such as the McInnis cement plant, crossed by his caravan during his tour of Gaspésie.

During a “town hall” with citizens of Rimouski on Wednesday, Mr. Nadeau-Dubois also confided that industries would be called upon to reduce their activities.

Questioned the next day, he insisted on the oil sector, expected to see demand decrease with the ban on gasoline-powered cars in Quebec starting in 2035. Workers in this industry will be called upon to requalify, what he calls, like others before him, the “just transition”.

“Companies in this area will have to adapt. We have no choice, it is inevitable, economically, he says. Make the right economic decision, what is it? Is it stubbornness in sectors that economists tell us will decline? Or is it to invest in the sectors of the future and then to support workers, workers in declining industries so that we requalify them and that we do not lose jobs in Quebec?

Train workers

As for the other polluting companies such as the Horne foundry, the McInnis cement works or the aluminum smelters, they will have to “transform their ways of doing things”. “That, for the workers, these are technological changes and sometimes the workers are not adequately trained”, underlines the solidarity leader.

He gives the example of aluminum smelters. “There have been many advances in recent years towards green aluminum. It requires supporting the workers in this sector so that they are able to operate the company’s new facilities with new skills that they perhaps did not have when they entered the industry. industry 15 or 20 years ago”, he illustrates.

Halve GHGs

On the eve of the unveiling of his plan to achieve a 55% reduction in GHGs below 1990 by 2030, the leader of Québec solidaire has hinted that he will use the Carbon Exchange to bring companies that increase the carbon footprint.

“We’re going to tighten the screws on the big polluters, we’re going to stop giving them privileges,” he said. Because it’s not true that we’re going to put pressure on individuals and then on families by telling them ”make better choices, make better choices, make better choices” and that, during this time- there, we are going to let the big polluters have privileges in the carbon market. It is not fair. It’s not fair to put pressure on the world and let the big polluters off the hook.”

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