Get ready for summer at the Peterborough City Center Farmer’s Market – Peterborough

It’s the time of year when produce and crowds increase at the Peterborough Wednesday Farmers’ Market in Peterborough, Ontario.

« Markets almost always get busier as the weather gets warmer, so with the weather consistently in the 20s or 20s, we’re really noticing that trend more these days, » said Market Administrator Emily Shapiera.

“Soon we will also see more cabin owners as the weather gets warmer. As more people return to work in-person downtown, we hope to see more members of the lunch team come in for food to go,” she added.

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Steve Dobbs, owner of Dobbs Family Farm in Lindsay, Ont., sells seedlings this time of year and said that since the pandemic began, he’s noticed more and more people are interested in growing their own products.

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« Last year was a really, really good year, » Dobbs said. ”

« This year has been a good year again and I think we’ve had a lot of customers saying to us, ‘Last year went well, I want to do it again and I really enjoyed having fresh vegetables. of the garden.' »

He said some were also hoping to save money as food prices continued to rise.

« Everyone is watching the price of things in stores go up and probably can go up even more as gas prices go up, » he said. « More and more people are growing lettuces and cucumbers and things like that so they can supplement what they have to buy in stores. »

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Erin Bodashefsky, owner of Foragers Farms near Port Hope, Ont., said she has also expanded her stock of seedlings and is looking for other sources of income to fight inflation.

“We now have plantings, events and farm visits and our CSA program where people know their food is safe, and they pay the farmer up front, and they have a whole season of food for them, » she said.

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Shapiera said that in addition to stocking up for the season, people are enjoying reconnecting with vendors and each other as COVID-19 restrictions continue to ease.

“That connection is more important than ever these days. We’ve seen through the pandemic that it’s incredibly important to continue being part of your community and supporting local businesses,” she said.

The market takes place every Wednesday from May to October in the courtyard of Peterborough Square and Charlotte Street, between George and Water streets.

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