Germany on brink of ‘alarm phase’ of gas emergency – media – RT Business News

The measures in question come into force in the event of a major disruption of supply or demand

Germany is preparing to enter the second phase of its gas emergency plan within five to ten days, Die Welt reported on Tuesday, citing sources familiar with the matter.

the said « alarm stage » triggers when there is « is an interruption in the supply of gas or an exceptionally high demand for gas which causes a significant deterioration in the situation of the gas supply, but the market is still able to meet this interruption or this demand without that there is a need for non-market based action », according to the German Ministry of Economics.

The measures allow utilities to pass gas costs on to consumers. Fuel prices have skyrocketed in recent months following the launch of Russia’s special military operation in Ukraine, which led to the EU imposing massive sanctions on Russia’s energy sector. However, while these sanctions were intended to punish Moscow economically, they had the opposite effect, impoverishing European families. A recent survey found that one in six Germans reported skipping meals to make ends meet.

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