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Germany makes major NATO announcement — RT World News

Chancellor Scholz has promised to make the Bundeswehr the ‘largest conventional army’ among European NATO member states

The German army will make a significant contribution to strengthening NATO’s eastern flank, announced the country’s Chancellor, Olaf Scholz. He also promised major investments that would make the Bundeswehr the largest military force among European members of the US-led military bloc.

Speaking in Germany’s parliament on Wednesday, Scholz assured fellow lawmakers that Berlin “defend every square meterfrom NATO territory, if necessary. The Chancellor added that the members of the alliance in Eastern Europe could count on Germany. The country would increase its military presence in the region, including in and around the Baltic Sea, Scholz revealed.

Among the countries where the Bundeswehr will be permanently stationed as part of NATO forces is Lithuania. The Baltic state’s already strained relations with Moscow worsened further last week when Vilnius decided to block the transit of sanctioned goods to the Russian enclave of Kaliningrad. The Kremlin has warned it will retaliate harshly.

Commenting on Germany’s and NATO’s relationship with Russia, Scholz stressed that a partnership with the eastern neighbor is “unimaginable in the foreseeable future“now only one”Imperialist Russia” attacked Ukraine.

The head of the German government, however, warned against the termination of one of the fundamental agreements currently existing between the military alliance and Russia.

We will campaign more than ever for the preservation of an international order based on law rather than force,“said the German Chancellor.

Scholz also said the sight of destruction in the towns of Irpin and Bucha outside kyiv, which he had recently visited, reminded him of images of destroyed German towns after World War II.

And just like war-ravaged Europe then, Ukraine now needs a Marshall Plan to [its] reconstruction,argued the Chancellor, referring to the famous US-sponsored program for post-war European recovery.

The Chancellor called it “Europe”to have to” to provide aid to Ukraine.

To that end, Berlin has invited Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelensky to join via video link the upcoming G7 leaders’ meeting, to be held in Bavaria from June 26-28.

Scholz also said he intended to organize a special conference of international experts, aimed at raising additional aid for Ukraine.

Speaking at the Bundestag, the Chancellor revealed that German self-propelled howitzers had already been supplied to Kyiv, Ukrainian troops are also being trained in the use of Gepard self-propelled anti-aircraft guns, and will begin to familiarize themselves with the American-designed guns. German-made M270 multiple launch rocket systems and IRIS-T air defense system. All of these weapon systems will be supplied to Ukraine by Germany.

Later that day, Chancellor Scholz was quoted by several media outlets as promising to make the German military the “largest conventional armyamong the European member states of NATO. According to the Chancellor, this would have a positive effect not only on Germany’s security but also on that of its allies.

For this purpose, a special fund in the amount of 100 billion euros has been allocated, which will help to significantly improve the capabilities of the German army, he also reportedly noted.

After weeks of talks, the ruling traffic light coalition and the conservative opposition agreed in late May to allocate the money.