Gasoline up nearly 10 cents, other fuels up sharply in NL


A driver fills up with gas, an action that cost 9.7 cents more per liter on Saturday. (Radio Canada)

Gasoline prices climbed almost ten cents per liter in Newfoundland and Labrador on Saturday, while the cost of almost all other fuels also increased.

The province’s Utilities Board announced the increases due to what it calls « recent commodity market developments. »

Gasoline rose as much as 9.7 cents per litre, pushing the maximum gasoline price on the Avalon Peninsula and the west coast of Newfoundland to $1.93, from a low above $1.95 in central Newfoundland and above $2.28 in most of Labrador.

The price of diesel is also up 8 cents.

Heating oil increased by 7.01 cents per litre, while heating oil in Newfoundland increased by 5.17 cents and 7.53 cents in Labrador.

The latest unforeseen change came just eight days ago, with prices falling almost everywhere by 13 cents.

The next scheduled price adjustment is Thursday, November 3.

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