Funding for transit service providers in the province


To help offset the loss of revenue suffered by isolating people during the COVID-19 pandemic, the government is providing $10.9 million to transit service providers across the province.

A total of twenty community transit operators and eight fixed-route transit operators (e.g. Halifax Transit and Transit CBRM) have restored one-time funding to ensure communities across the province continue to have access to safe, accessible and efficient public transit service.

« Reliable public transit strengthens communities, » said Kim Masland, Minister of Public Works. This funding not only helps operators maintain these invaluable services, but it also helps Nova Scotians get to work safely, get to important appointments, and fight loneliness and stress. isolation by facilitating their participation in the activities they like to do. »

The funding comes from a $750 million federal investment to help municipalities across the country maintain public transit services despite reduced ridership due to the pandemic.

To access the funding, provinces were required to match the federal contribution to investments in transit services and support improvements to housing supply. Provinces and territories must distribute their share of federal funding based on overall transit ridership, but can make adjustments at their discretion so that all operators in their region receive a nominal amount.


Public transit plays an important role in connecting people, moving the economy and building our communities. I am delighted with this federal investment of $10.9 million for 28 transit operators across Nova Scotia, which will help ensure that people across the province have access to reliable service. they need to participate in their community.
Sean Fraser, Federal Minister of Immigration, Refugees and Citizenship, and MLA for Central Nova

The pandemic continues to be difficult for our communities. We all need a little extra support these days, and this funding helps us continue to provide our customers and neighbors with affordable and accessible transportation that improves connections in our community and helps reduce social isolation.
Tara Smith, president, Queens County Transit Commission

Not everyone knows that the lack of reliable transport is a real obstacle. For my son Jordan and I, having access to Queens County Transit services makes our lives easier, allows us to participate in our community and supports our right to independence.
Sue Brenko, client, Queens County Transit

Quick Facts

  • In May, the Nova Scotia Community Transportation Assistance Program provided nearly $2 million in funding to twenty transit operators.
  • Also in May, the Nova Scotia Transit Assistance Program provided $2.9 million to fixed-route transit services to support capital purchases such as new buses.


Community Transit Operators

  • Antigonish Community Transit Corporation, $64,052
  • BayRides (St. Margaret’s Bay Community Transit), $49,244
  • CHAD Transit, Pictou County, $96,167
  • Chester Community Wheels, $30,728
  • Colchester Transportation Cooperative Limited, $68,233
  • Cumberland County Transit Corporation, $47,041
  • East Hants Community Runner, $65,882
  • HOPE Dial-A-ride, Yarmouth, $76,909
  • Point-to-point transportation from Kings, $88,854
  • Chéticamp Transport Cooperative Ltd., $53,392
  • Claire’s Transport, $88,405
  • Musgo Rider, $53,430
  • MusGo Valley-Sheet Harbour, $34,659
  • Queens Transportation Company, $46,617
  • Transit Sou’West Nova, $42,560
  • Straits Area Transit, $41,436
  • Trans County Transportation Society, Annapolis Valley, $53,030
  • Guysborough Transit Association, $15,012
  • Victoria County Transit, $30,083
  • West Hants Dial-A-Ride, $52,368

Operators of fixed-route transit services

  • Halifax Transit, $8,655,876
  • CBRM public transit, $359,809
  • Kings Transit Authority (Greater Pre-Weymouth), $332,392
  • Bridgewater Transit, $113,839
  • Yarmouth Transit (town), $108,170
  • Pictou County Transit (Stellarton and New Glasgow), $109,722
  • Antigonish Community Transit Corporation, $101,620
  • Straits Area Transit (Inverness), $101,472


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