Funding for the Carrefour culturel de Pictou


The province is investing $2 million to make the deCoste Center for Arts and Creativity and the Pictou Library a cultural hub.

“The new cultural hub will transform downtown Pictou,” said Premier Tim Houston. “The deCoste Center and Library are invaluable community spaces that provide important services to residents and visitors. And both sites are ready to grow – they are ready to attract residents and visitors for high-quality social and cultural experiences.

The current deCoste Center building will be expanded to approximately 2,100 square meters to become a cultural hub hosting a new modern public library, a completely renovated theatre, visual arts exhibition facilities and meeting space for cultural groups and community. It will also have accessibility features to make it more inclusive.

The Government of Canada is contributing $6 million to the project. The Town of Pictou, Municipality of the County of Pictou and community donors are providing over $1 million.


Center deCoste has been a staple of the Pictou waterfront for over 35 years. The investment we are making today will establish an expanded cultural center with a performing arts center and a brand new public library that will make our community a more vibrant and vibrant place for a generation. I want to offer my thanks and my congratulations to all those at home who have contributed to the realization of this project.
Sean Fraser, Minister of Immigration, Refugees and Citizenship and Member of Parliament for Central Nova, on behalf of Dominic LeBlanc, Minister of Intergovernmental Affairs, Infrastructure and communities

This combined facility will be a great benefit to our many rural communities. We know our county is a great place to live and raise a family, but this type of project makes it even more appealing. A very worthwhile investment from all three levels of government.
Robert Parker, Director, Municipality of the County of Pictou and co-chair of the project working committee

This upgraded and modernized facility for the arts and creativity shows how organizations can work together for a common purpose, impacting all of our citizens now and in the future. Thank you to all levels of government for supporting this project and making the dream a reality.
jim ryan, Mayor, City of Pictou and co-chair of the project working committee

This year marks 40 years of deCostee anniversary. This upgraded facility ensures an even more prosperous future. Pictou will have one of the most innovative cultural facilities in Nova Scotia. We bring together two champions of community inclusion, engagement and programming. Even before the building was under construction, we found many new ways to partner with the library and the community is seeing the benefits. Together we will be a force for positive change. The sum will be much greater than the parts.
Troy Greencorn, Executive Director, fromCoste Center for Arts and Creativity

Public libraries are much more today. They are not just places to read and learn, but active social spaces with meeting rooms, technology centers and outdoor gathering spaces. This funding turns a community vision into reality.
Dan Currie, President, Pictou-Antigonish Regional Library

Fast facts:

  • the cultural hub is expected to attract 30-50% more customers, which will have a multi-million dollar impact on downtown businesses
  • the deCoste Center has hosted more than 3,000 shows over the past 40 years
  • there are over 41,000 visits to the Pictou Library each year
  • the Pictou Library is part of the Pictou-Antigonish Regional Library Network



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