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From “Star Académie” to “Kooza”: Joanie Goyette is living a dream

Singer Joanie Goyette, who was revealed to “Star Académie” in 2009, is experiencing a pivotal moment in her career since she pushed the note in Cirque du Soleil’s KOOZA show.

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This vibrant and colorful production is back at the Old Port of Montreal for its 15and anniversary and Joanie is the only Quebecer among the multi-talented troupe from all over the world.

The young woman from Saint-Tite, in Mauricie, inherited in 2019 the role of the soul singer in KOOZA. She started this extraordinary adventure in Spain, but nine months later, she had to resolve, like the rest of the artists, to take a break, the COVID-19 having wreaked devastation in the entertainment world.

Returning from the Dominican Republic where KOOZA won applause, Joanie is having a great time, especially when it comes to singing at home. “I am really happy, excited, moved at the same time. It’s like a dream to be able to perform at home,” said Joanie in an interview with QMI Agency.

She sings in all the numbers, adapting to what happens on stage. So there really isn’t a routine.

From “Star Académie” to “Kooza”: Joanie Goyette is living a dream

“We are always on the alert, we start singing when the jump is completed, for example, which means that we constantly have to adjust and be ready. It makes the job even more exciting. There is always something new,” she added, saying that like many spectators, the other singer and the six musicians who are at her side are “stressed” during each performance, those who are perched at the top of the stage so as not to miss anything of the show.

“It’s difficult, it’s stressful, because we know them and they are our friends. We are with them for every jump,” said Joanie, speaking of a community spirit that she particularly appreciates.

The troop takes advantage of each rest day to do activities and visit the cities. In the case of this stop in Montreal, Joanie intends to take advantage of the summer and every moment to see her world. Because afterwards, the KOOZA train will take off again and take her elsewhere on the continent and in the world.

“I am a nomad at heart and this life suits me. I love to travel, so being able to walk around with music is the best of both worlds,” added the young woman, who started singing in her late teens.

Tickets for KOOZA are available online []. The show is presented from May 12 to August 14 in the Old Port of Montreal.