From senior insurance executive to bookseller

Christel Vallée-Deparis’ file for the takeover of the Personnali’Thé bookstore in Versailles is solid: 45 pages of market studies, commercial project, financing plan, development strategy… The banks and book institutions participating in the funding appreciated, since it has just opened its doors, a stone’s throw from the Palace of Versailles.

“At 53, when my three children have grown up, I treat myself, I open my bookstore”, says Christel-Vallée Deparis. No question for her, executive for nearly thirty years in a large insurance company, to launch without square objectives: the bookstore is the least profitable retail trade of all with about 2% profitability. “I want to earn money, revitalize the bookshop and give it an important place. I am ready to pay myself no salary for two years, but my objective is, in three years, to hire another bookseller and expand my sales space. »

She financed her retraining with her severance pay, by training for six months at the School of the Library of Maisons-Alfort (Val-de-Marne). Today, she rejoices in the support of her family. His son had told him: “You always told us to live our dreams, and when do you live your dream? » His mother found this personal development bookstore. His companion thought of working Saturdays… “There will be fewer weekends, we assume that! »

For Personnali’Thé, Christel Vallée-Deparis nurtures major projects. Personal development for her is not fair “girl stuff that listens to each other”as skeptics have thrown at him. “It’s taking care of yourself, facing the trials of life, accepting your emotions, and devoting yourself to yourself with books in relay. » Its library is a place of welcome. “A specialist in well-being, she will also have a practical side: tea tasting, repairing objects, hosting groups, meditation. » It will also propose to elderly people who would like it to offer reading aids to young people. The complexity of the job does not scare him: “I will manage like a good mother”she smiles.


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