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From Nuit blanche to the Netflix platform

Quebecer Orphée Ladouceur-Nguyen gives the answer to Alyssa Milano in the American thriller Brazen, expected Friday on Netflix.

In this adaptation of the novel Brazen virtue by Nora Roberts, a crime fiction writer (Alyssa Milano) comes to lend a hand to the police squad charged with investigating the sordid murder of her sister.

Orphée Ladouceur-Nguyen embodies a woman offering her services as a virtual dominatrix on the web who will in turn fall into the clutches of the murderer.

“With taste”

The Quebecer does not hide it: she hesitated before making room for Brazen (Where The grip of vice, in French) in his diary. Because the subject of the film could easily have given rise to touting, even vulgar scenes, since it features a serial killer who targets sex workers.

However, it was the strong female presence in positions of authority on the set – whether it was director Monika Mitchell, actress and producer Alyssa Milano or even stunt coordinator Sharlène Royer – that reassured her to this effect. .

“Playing a dominatrix and getting naked for free, that didn’t interest me at all. These are not the kind of roles that turn me on; I like the roles of strong women, ”says Orphée Ladouceur-Nguyen in an interview with Newspaper.

“But I quickly gained confidence from all these women who were going to work around me. Everything is done with great taste and respect. And I had my say as much for the costumes as the action scenes, ”she continues.

In Vancouver

The shooting took place almost a year ago, in Vancouver, where Orphée Ladouceur-Nguyen now resides. She has worked there since as much as an actress as a stuntwoman, her name having appeared in the credits of the series. Arrow, Altered Carbon and Titans, to name just a few.

But even if she left her native metropolis, it is never far behind the actress who regularly returns to the fold for various Quebec productions. We saw it recently in the soap opera Sleepless night, on ICI Radio-Canada.

► Brazen hits Netflix on Friday.

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From Nuit blanche to the Netflix platform

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