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From Anne Casabonne to Djokovic and Co.

From Anne Casabonne to Djokovic and Co.

The current pandemic will not be the deadliest in history, but for many it will be the most cruel.

Talk to Guillaume Lemay-Thivierge who had the misfortune to see The Press+ disclose their vaccination status. Because of this questionable revelation, for which the host is also suing the newspaper, he lost a million dollars in advertising contracts. It must be said that sponsors are sometimes in a hurry to pull the trigger.

For remaining silent about his vaccination status, the world’s first tennis player, Novak Djokovic, had to give up the millions of dollars from the Australian Open. Will he participate in other important tournaments this year? Not sure ! To become the candidate of Éric Duhaime’s Conservative Party, Anne Casabonne put her acting career on hold. His career was already after his outrageous denunciation of the vaccine on social networks.

Since Monday, Neil Young has been engaged in a showdown with Spotify. The folk singer issued an ultimatum to the Swedish music giant streaming musical: “It’s Joe Rogan or it’s me! Young, who survived polio, a disease for which there is now a vaccine, no longer wants to “cohabit” on Spotify with Rogan because the latter promotes ineffective cures for COVID. He also refuses to reveal whether he is vaccinated or not. To keep Young’s songs in its repertoire, Spotify will surely not sacrifice Rogan, with whom we have just signed a 100 million dollar contract.


Novak Djokovic, Eric Clapton, Van Morrison, Travis Tritt and several other stars have lost big to stay true to their beliefs. For thousands of admirers, they are martyrs, but for most of us, they have become infrequent.

No one predicted the severity the pandemic would take. Not even the World Health Organization. Especially not Doctor Horacio Arruda, our ex-director of public health, who made fun of the coronavirus during a trip to Morocco. Nor did anyone imagine that the pandemic would end up pitting politicians against each other, dividing families and dividing artists and sports stars.

Last summer, the filming of the series Gaslit with Julia Roberts, based on the Watergate affair, was interrupted for two months. Sean Penn left the set abruptly, swearing he wouldn’t return until everyone on the team was vaccinated! Last Saturday, several Green Bay Packers players put the boos of spectators on the back of their quarterback Aaron Rodgers. In November, he revealed that he was not vaccinated. His days in Green Bay are now numbered.


With the exception of a few rare countries such as Austria, where vaccination will become compulsory from next Tuesday, the vaccine is left almost everywhere to the discretion of employers or that of individuals themselves. The price that several stars of the show business and sport who have revealed, or whose vaccination status has been revealed, may seem exorbitant, since they have not done anything illegal, but they have only to blame themselves.

These greats of sport and show business owe their setbacks in good part to the social networks which they abused without reserve to extend their fame. One day, the pandemic will be forgotten, but there will always be malevolent Internet users to remind people of their attitude towards vaccines.