FRINGE REVIEW: I Am Batman: 89-97 A Superhero Obsession

This genre addict can go so far as to crack the voice of his undisputed first love

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3.5 out of 5 stars

Stage 14, Auditorium La Cité (8627 91 St.)

Like any decent genre junkie, Victoria’s Rod Peter Jr. can go so far as to crack the voice of his undisputed first love: the first wave of big-budget Batman movies, especially the overwhelming and generally underrated Batman returns. from 1992.

In a thick, slightly wobbly cousin to master Charles Ross’ One Man Star Wars Gym Goggles, Peter takes us back from 1997’s Batman and Robin rotten through four movies to the first time he saw Michael Keaton. hissing “I Am Batman” on the big screen in 1989, with plenty of interesting trivia along the way.

Between and in his reading summaries, Peter invokes the efforts his loving parents went to to satisfy his fixations, including many childhood Halloween costumes, toy hunts, and even an incredible Batmobile bed made by his father. , all projected onto the screen as evidence.

While his re-enactments could use leveling (Batman Returns aside – which was executed flawlessly, especially Christopher Walken), a beating heart of pure love of cinematic art is worth it to descend back into the Batcave.


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