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Freestyle skiing: Kerrian Chunlaud’s Olympic dream on hiatus

Kerrian Chunlaud’s season is over and his Olympic dream is on hold.

Victim of a fall last Thursday during a training run preceding the Freestyle Skiing World Cup at Tremblant, the 28-year-old hard worker injured his left knee. Back in Quebec, Chunlaud received the cruel verdict after undergoing magnetic resonance.

His anterior cruciate ligament is torn, his collateral is stretched and his goal of competing in the Beijing Olympics has gone up in smoke. He will have to go under the knife in the coming weeks.

“In the ambulance taking me to the clinic after my fall, I saw the last four years go by,” Chunlaud said. It is a difficult situation. I am not looking for a reason, otherwise I will go around in circles.

“As soon as I crashed, I knew it was a serious injury, chasing Chunlaud. When you hear the pop in your knee with the intense pain that accompanies it, you know your anterior cruciate or meniscus has been affected. It reminds me of my 2015 injury when I was injured during training camp. In Australia, however, the meniscus, collateral and anterior cruciate were affected. It’s less serious this time around and I started walking on it again.”

Good position

After 17and, 15and and 11and positions at the first three World Cups before the holidays, Chunlaud was in a good position to get his ticket to Beijing and he looked forward to the stop at Tremblant with enthusiasm. “After the World Cup in France, the coaches told me that I was on the list of 15 men in freestyle skiing who would go to the Games. At Tremblant, I wanted to confirm my place. The ideal would have been to make a top-8.

To come up

Will Chunlaud embark on another Olympic cycle? “I do not know. The coaches told me about the 2023 worlds to end my career on a high note, but the sport is going to end one day and I don’t want to be a flat father who is not able to play soccer with his children. I want to focus on the present moment. With the Dr Marquess and Jonathan [Pelletier-Ouellet], I am in good hands to get back on my two legs.”

“In high-level sport, it’s not only played on the track and politics also play a role,” added Chunlaud. We will have to see if I will keep my patent. I have to prepare my knee for the operation which should take place in five or six weeks when the swelling is gone and focus on rehabilitation.