‘Freaky Friday 2’ Rumors Gain Momentum With Jamie Lee Curtis Comments


It looks like Fridays are about to get a little weird (again).

Jamie Lee Curtis has teased that she’s « definitely starting to talk » about forming a sequel to the 2003 movie « Freaky Friday. »

« There’s definitely talk, » the two-time Golden Globe Award winner told TODAY on Monday.

Curtis, who played Tess Coleman in the hit comedy film, recalled the film’s appreciation across generations when discussing the prospects of a successful sequel.

« ‘Freaky Friday’ was so great, it has so much nostalgia, » the 63-year-old said. « Young people love it, people who grew up with it are now moms, showing it to their kids. »

« The music, Lindsay (Lohan) – it’s just a great movie and it kinda makes sense that we’re doing it again, » Curtis added.

The reveal follows Lohan’s claim that the two leads have spoken of a film revival.

Jaime Lee Curtis and Lindsay Lohan discussed a second « Freaky Friday ».

« We’d both be in it, » the 36-year-old told Jimmy Fallon last week.

Lohan, who plays Tess Coleman’s daughter Anna on « Freaky Friday, » mentioned she was filming when Curtis contacted her.

« First of all, let’s just take the fact that I was on set at the time, and Jamie Lee Curtis writes to you and you immediately get excited and distracted, » Lohan explained.

Jamie Lee Curtis is honored with a hand and footprint ceremony at the TCL Chinese Theater on October 12, 2022 in Hollywood, California.
Jaime Lee Curtis played Tess Coleman in the comedy hit.

« And then she said Freaky Friday 2 and I got more excited! » she added.

The original film followed a mother-daughter relationship shattered after a body-switching experience, with each family member understanding the other’s struggles.

A « Freaky Friday 2 » could have similar characteristics.

Curtis said in October that she could be « the old grandma switching places, so Lindsay becomes the sexy grandma who’s always happy with Mark Harmon in all the ways you’d be happy with Mark Harmon. »


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