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Stage 16, Sue Paterson Memorial Theater at Campus Saint-Jean (8406 Rue Marie-Anne Gaboury)

He’s held virtually every supporting position you can imagine as a Fringe veteran, but this time Jon Paterson is at the center of his first solo production, the autobiographical How I Met My Mother.

Alternating between memories of his early years in Winnipeg, where his lack of self-esteem led him into unsavory situations, to more recent times when he finds himself caring for an elderly mother with dementia, Paterson knocks everything down on the floor as an act of contrition.

However, How I Met My Mother is not simply a confession of bad behavior toward redemption; Paterson threads moments of humor and sweet insight through his tale towards the smallest but sweetest of epiphanies. This production has a certain emotional resonance since its mother is Sue Paterson, who gave her name to the Campus Saint-Jean theater.


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