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“Foucauld pushes the horizon back to its limits each time”

Did Charles de Foucauld have his own way?

A mystic considers another hierarchy. The colonial administration was heavy on him, he must have been stubborn like a jerk and impossible to manage! This stubbornness makes him very sympathetic to me. I really like his correspondence, lively, embodied, descriptive. Each stage of his life allows him to move forward, to take an additional step. Each time he pushes back the horizon of his human and religious limits. He is an example. We are always too conformist!

Why the call of the desert?

Emptiness attracts, that’s why we feel dizzy. In the desert, it is a horizontal void. The relationship with the desert is something very intimate, everyone has to provide their response. Going through the desert is an amazing experience, but from there to living there… Charles de Foucauld is not simply a traveller, a smuggler, he left everything to live this absolute and dedicate himself to the culture of these peoples.

Foucauld writes: “When I dream, the horizons of the desert beckon to me. What are these signs?

Those that the nudity of the soul, driven by life in the desert, forces you to read. It is a question of survival, as with Saint-Exupéry. There is an obligation to be attentive, including concerning the signs of the divine. The radicality comes from the obligation to decipher these signs.