Fort Erie and Port Colborne under flood watch as Niagara Region continues winter storm cleanup

The Niagara Peninsula Conservation Authority (NPCA) has issued a flood watch for the towns of Fort Erie and Port Colborne as cleanup from the weekend blizzard continues.

The warmer weather is expected to melt away some of the massive snowfall. Combine that with precipitation this coming weekend and the area can expect increased runoff directed to local ditches, streams and the storm sewer system, according to the NPCA.

The NPCA said in a version on December 28 that there is a risk of localized flooding due to roadside ditches filled with debris, ice and snow.

The city of Fort Erie has also issued a warning about climbing or walking on ice, as it is difficult to predict where hidden holes in ice shelves are.

« Because our crews are always busy clearing snow and clearing fire hydrants, and pushing snow onto the roads…we’re asking people to take a look at the drains in their area, » said Kelly Walsh, Fort Erie engineering director at CBC Hamilton. Thursday.

« If they see a blockage, whether it’s falling leaves or it’s clogged with ice, if they can help us and clear that drain, it can help prevent flooding. »

End of the state of emergency

The storm brought waves from Lake Erie reaching heights of about two meters, which inundated shoreline communities. High winds and snow toppled trees and caused power outages for days.

Walsh said the road clearing is going smoothly and the warmer weather is helping the snow melt.

« We currently have no concerns about flooding, » he said on Thursday. Fort Erie ended its state of emergency on Thursday, with the Niagara region following suit, while it clears roads and power lines.

Canadian Niagara Power said Dec. 28 that it had restored power to 97% of Port Colborne and Fort Erie.


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