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Do you lack inspiration when you feel like getting away from it all? Why not start conquering the museums of the province!

Art, history, science, culture, technology, nature, food: whatever your fields of interest, you will come out of it grown… and entertained! Here are six that are sure to please young and old alike.

Beauport Art and History Society

The best of both worlds!

Are you more art or history? Either way, the Beauport Art and History Society has something for you! This fall, the establishment warmly welcomes you to its two heritage houses.

Come to Maison Girardin, 600 avenue Royale, for a wide range of youth activities to explore textiles and nature in history. The older ones will be able to take advantage of the opportunity to visit two exhibitions: Beauportois impassioned and Beauport in a jiffy.

For art buffs, head to Maison Tessier-dit-Laplante! Located at 2328 avenue Royale, this 1867 house presents the 2022 International Artist’s Notebook Biennial (BICA). Discover the sketches, research and experiments of more than 40 artists from here and elsewhere! And beautiful surprises await you for the Halloween celebrations. It must be said, very mysterious things are happening in these old houses…

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Leon-Provancher House

Arouse wonder

The Maison Léon-Provancher is the natural science museum of the Quebec region.

The team specializes in scientific school activities. She travels to schools and welcomes groups to the museum. Workshops cover animals, geology, dinosaurs, chemistry, simple systems – and more! The relationship with the natural environment and experimentation are favored in order to arouse wonder and stimulate curiosity.

The museum presents the Naturoscope/Cap sur la Biodiversité exhibition and prides itself on having a pet shop teeming with life! Discover its specimens and enjoy successful family science days. The museum has a science library that benefits children who are members of the book club. On October 29, in the evening, come to the Halloween party at Parc Léon-Provancher. Come and see this place of discovery and promotion of natural sciences and history located in the heart of Old Cap-Rouge!

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Quebec Museum of Agriculture and Food

Exhibitions not to be missed

The Quebec Museum of Agriculture and Food, located in La Pocatière, presents permanent and temporary exhibitions promoting the dissemination of knowledge and practices related to agriculture and food.

Visitors have the chance to see the impressive collections of ethnographic objects and stuffed animals distributed in the thematic rooms of the Museum. Ancient customs and trades, meticulous reconstructions of places of life, toys, instruments and clothing of yesteryear – the route offered by the Museum captivates adults and children. It allows everyone to grasp the ingenuity and complexity of the life of our ancestors.

And among the temporary exhibitions:

FOODS AND KNITTED ENCOUNTERS. Food taking shape in materials such as felt and wool. The result is amazing!

MYCELIUM. An exhibition on a topical subject in Kamouraska with the many facets of the mushroom to discover.

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Huron-Wendat Museum

Journey to the heart of history

The Huron-Wendat Museum invites you to discover the culture and know-how of the Huron-Wendat nation through its exhibitions and activities. Travel to the heart of Huron-Wendat history by participating in the activity of your choice among those offered by the museum!

The discovery tour of the museum allows you to visit the permanent exhibition Territories, memories, knowledge, the temporary exhibition and the national longhouse Ekionkiestha’. In addition, the museum invites you to continue your experience at other heritage sites in Wendake, including Notre-Dame-de-Lorette church, Kabir Kouba waterfall, Tsawenhohi house and Place de la Nation.
Do you like racking your brains? The museum and Défi-Évasion present a new enriching and fun activity “Hatiyöndahskehen’ (ancestors) – Lights in the sky”, in the form of an enigmatic journey. With family or friends, solve the puzzles at your own pace through 5 unique locations in old Wendake.

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Historical village of Val-Jalbert

A unique tourist destination

Get ready to step back a century… to the time of the first pulp mills in Quebec. Between 1901 and 1927, Val-Jalbert happily vibrated to the rhythm of its pulp mill. In 1901, when the factory was built by Damase Jalbert, the village was called « Ouiatchouan », named after the waterfall that fed the mill to make wood pulp.

If the history of Val-Jalbert ended in 1927 with the closure of the pulp mill, it has become an essential tourist destination in Saguenay-Lac-Saint-Jean, because it offers a multitude of activities and accommodation and catering services that are out of the ordinary!

It is an open-air museum where you can, among other activities, touch the period wooden houses, the convent-school, the post office and the general store which served as a supermarket and which now houses now has a souvenir shop, a friendly café-terrace and very comfortable rooms.

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Fine Arts Museum of Mont-Saint-Hilaire

Two key destinations

The Museum of Fine Arts of Mont-Saint-Hilaire highlights through its installations the work of two important artists.

The Maison Paul-Émile-Borduas, designed and built by the artist, leader of the Automatiste movement, was a place of artistic and intellectual effervescence. Borduas produced a large number of works there, in addition to writing the Refus global manifesto. There is a permanent exhibition on the life of the artist, the history of the house and exhibitions of contemporary artists.

Domaine Ozias-Leduc, located on the mountainside, is the place of birth and creation of man, where you can visit two furnished heritage buildings, a permanent exhibition on the life and family of the artist .

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Open your mind to new knowledge. This fall, it’s happening at the museum!

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