Foothills family raise money for life-changing device for their daughter


Claire Sonnenberg, 6, who has cerebral palsy, was able to take her first steps with a Trexo machine, which costs over $44,000 and isn’t covered by insurance.

A Foothills mother has started a fundraiser to buy a machine that will allow her daughter with cerebral palsy to walk on her own.

Six-year-old Claire Sonnenberg faced a lack of oxygen at birth, which left her unable to speak, walk, play and eat independently.

Her mother Stephanie wrote on a GoFundMe page set up this week that the family heard about a device called Trexo a year ago and had the chance to rent it for Claire to try.

“Watching Claire walk, smile so big and look at her peers at eye level is so heartwarming,” Stephanie wrote. « Going around the block and holding his hand gives me feelings that I can’t even express.

« After six years, I never thought I would have this opportunity, and now we have it. Now we walk hand in hand every morning around the block. »

The video below, posted to the page by Stephanie, shows Claire taking her first steps with the device, surrounded by family and friends.

According to the company’s website, the Trexo is a robotic gait trainer that works by gently moving a child’s legs in a pre-set personalized gait pattern. The machine is controlled by a trained adult using a tablet.

Unfortunately, the cost of purchasing the device and all necessary accessories is over $44,000 and not covered by insurance.

Stephanie said parenting a child with special needs is expensive.

“We spent so many sleepless nights making life-changing decisions in hopes of giving Claire the best life possible,” she said. « Walking is one of those decisions. »

The Sonnenbergs are reaching out in hopes that the community can make this wish come true for their daughter and sister. Her mother wrote that she fell in love with walking.

To make a donation to « Help Claire walk », click here.


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