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William Akio will not be a popular figure in training at Valor FC on Monday morning after bizarrely denying his own side a certain goal after clearing a shot on goal off the line in a game against rivals HFX Wanderers.

The scores were tied at 0-0 just after the quarter hour when Alessandro Riggi pushed the ball past the HFX goalkeeper.

But as the ball raced towards the net, Akio sprinted towards goal and sabotaged the ball towards the touchline at the last possible moment.

His errant interjection drew derisive looks from his team-mates as they tried to process what had just happened, while Akio immediately showed the referee that the ball had crossed the line before his decision to detonate it towards the stand.

However, subsequent replays appeared to show that Akio had indeed managed to prevent the goal from being scored by the slimmest of margins.

The incident seemed to confuse all who witnessed it, with both teams and the referee at first struggling to comprehend what they had just witnessed – with one prominent football writer calling it « worst fail ever.”

HFX Wanderers players looked to play, while Valor FC team-mates Akio tried to score the goal – but the referee seemed like the safest man on the pitch and signaled it wasn’t a goal .

The commentary team, who were as surprised as anyone, suggested that Akio had tried to blast the ball into the back of the net – but had inflated his lines badly and had only managed to become a online viral ridicule figure.

It has also been suggested that the player thought the ball crossed the line and popped it in celebration – albeit prematurely.

Unsurprisingly, Akio was then taken out of the game – but his blushes were saved by team-mate Moses Dyer, who scored a late winner to secure a 1-0 victory for Valour.

But be sure that his teammates won’t let him forget this moment of madness anytime soon.

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