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Footage shows father Antonio Hughes punching Ohio man Desean Brown accused of his son’s murder

The father of a young murder victim went ballistic in an Ohio courtroom and relentlessly punched the man accused of killing his infant son.

Desean Brown, 22, faces murder charges after he allegedly stabbed Nyteisha Lattimore, 29, to death and dumped her three-year-old son, Nylo, into the Ohio River while he was still alive, according to informations.

If found guilty, he could face the death penalty, but the boy’s biological father, Antonio Hughes, was eager to do some of his own justice.

In courtroom footage obtained by Fox 19, Hughes can be seen in the back row of the Hamilton County courtroom before sneaking up to the defense table from behind and punching Brown in the jaw with a right hook.

He continued to beat Brown as two sheriff’s deputies rushed to restrain the aggrieved father and tackle him to the ground.

Antonio Hughes, father of a 3-year-old boy who was murdered by drowning alive, punched Desean Brown in court, the man charged with his son’s murder.
Footage shows father Antonio Hughes punching Ohio man Desean Brown accused of his son’s murder
Little Nylo was drowned to death in the Ohio River, with his body yet to be found.
Cincinnati Police Department

In another video from WCPO 9, even after being handcuffed and surrounded by three deputies, Hughes continued his pursuit of the alleged killer by rushing towards him. In the end, it took four officers to get him back on the ground, as the video shows.

Hughes was charged with contempt of court and will be jailed for seven days, WCPO 9 reported.

Brown is charged with stabbing Lattimore in December 2020 after planning his murder for months, investigators have said, according to the Cincinnati Inquirer. After killing her, he then allegedly waited several days before putting her in a body bag and having an Uber drive him to the Ohio River. He told the driver the bag was just clothes.

Lattimore’s body was found near the Purple People Bridge on Dec. 12, 2020, the newspaper reported. Detectives said Nylo’s blood was found on a Paw Patrol blanket with his mother’s body and a stroller was found nearby, the Cincinnati Inquirer reported.

Cincinnati police detectives told a judge earlier this month that Brown killed Lattimore because she miscarried a baby he thought was his, WCPO 9 reported.

Nylo’s body has not been found.