Foodie Mets players prepare their favorite spots in New York

The Mets are there.

The No. 1 Kings of Queens are foodies — and they can often be found dining near Citi Field and in other New York neighborhoods.

The city’s culinary lineup “was a huge bonus” to signing with the team last year, said outfielder Mark Canha, who chronicles his culinary adventures on his @bigleaguefoodie Instagram account.

“My wife and I are big foodies,” the San Jose, Calif., native, who now lives on the Upper West Side, told The Post.

Canha, 33, is even open to suggestions from fans about places to try.

“A lot of people in New York have contacted me and given me their favorite restaurant list,” he explained. “I have a whole list of places in Queens I need to go.”

Mark Canha recounts his culinary adventures on his Instagram account @bigleaguefoodie.
Gordon Donovan

He already has his picks in Manhattan, where he and his wife Marci spend chic evenings at Le Bernardin, or dine with their two daughters at Nice Matin on West 79th.

“They eat fries and they let them color on the tables there because they have paper tablecloths,” he said.

When Brooklyn native Adam Ottavino joined the Mets in March, he already had his favorite pizzas and bagels.

“Growing up, I used to get excited to go to Spumoni Gardens [the Bensonhurst Sicilian pizza mecca] and La Bagel Delight which is on 7th Avenue in Park Slope,” the pitcher said.

Sicilian pizzeria Bensonhurst is famous throughout the city for its square slices.
Adam Ottavino had been delighted to go to Spumoni Gardens since he was a child.
Stefan Jeremiah for the New York Post
Ottavino and his wife choose to eat Italian in town.
Ottavino joined the Mets already familiar with the New York food scene as he grew up in Brooklyn.
Paul Martinca

Ottavino, 36, now lives in Westchester with his wife Brette and their two children. “We like to go to places around town, so Italian style, like a Carbone or Rubirosa or Cipriani…maybe Elio’s,” he said.

Pitcher Trevor May, who was added to the Mets roster in 2020, thinks Amore Pizzeria in Flushing is out of the park.

“I’ve had quite a bit of Amore and it’s phenomenal. It’s probably my favorite place around,” he said, noting he was “an old-school pepperoni guy.” .

The 32-year-old, who lives in Long Island City, said his wife Kate gave him a hard time about his basic pizza order.

“My wife tells me bullshit about it all the time. But I’m one of those people who knows exactly what they like and orders it until they’ve had enough,” he said. “She needs to look at McDonald’s menu – like you don’t already know everything they have?”

May's deli of choice is Benateri's Italian deli in College Point.
When May wants a sandwich, he orders the Michelangelo from Benateri’s Italian deli.
Gordon Donovan

The couple get more adventurous for dinner, hitting Vernon Boulevard for pub food at Woodbines or sushi at Dai Hachi.

“Sushi is my favorite, that’s what I’ll do if I really want to have a good dinner,” he said.

When he wants a sandwich, he orders the Michelangelo, a chicken cutlet topped with fresh mozzarella, bacon, Cajun chipotle mayonnaise and avocado at Benateri’s Italian deli in College Point.

“At the start of this season I arrived and nobody recognized me and I didn’t say anything,” he said. “I’m very home-to-pitch, home-to-pitch, but when I’m feeling frisky, this is where I go for a jump.”

Alonso's favorite thing to eat at Citi Field is the burger named after him.
Pete Alonso’s favorite bagel is from Sadelle Bakery in Soho.
Robert Sabo for NY POST
Alonso is also a fan of Prince Street Pizza.
Alonso is also a fan of Prince Street Pizza.
Nathan Dvir

First baseman Pete Alonso, 27, who lives in Manhattan, said his favorite bagel spot is Sadelle Bakery in Soho. For a slice, he goes to Prince Street Pizza.

When they feel like Italian, he and his wife Haley go to Il Triangolo and Park Side, both in Corona.

Of course, at the ballpark, “Polar Bear” Pete opts for his namesake burger — which consists of a burger patty mixed with Pat LaFrieda black truffle, caramelized onions, smoked gouda and claw sauce — calling it his “favorite thing in the stadium”.

Fogo de Chao has an outpost on 53rd Street.
Eduardo Escobar is a big fan of the Brazilian steak chain Fogo de Chao.

For team dinners, Ottavino said, “nine out of 10 times in the major leagues, it’s always a steakhouse.”

Third baseman Eduardo Escobar is a fan of Brazilian steakhouse chain Fogo de Chao, which has an outpost on 53rd Street. “They love him, he’s like an ambassador for this restaurant or something,” Canha said of Escobar.


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