Florida woman arrested for stabbing van with pitchfork

A ‘very drunk’ Florida woman has been arrested for allegedly stabbing a van with a pitchfork – after she was spotted trying to sell teddy bears behind a supermarket.

Lisa Slone, 56, was rushed to Lake County Jail Tuesday afternoon following the incident at a Publix store in Minneola.

According to a Florida Highway Patrol report obtained by The Post, an official at the North Hancock Road supermarket told troopers who arrived at the scene after 2 p.m. that Slone was trying to peddle stuffed animals earlier in the day.

The manager also said Slone, who was seen walking around with a black whip and pitchfork, used the weapon to stab a van – but the owner of the vehicle didn’t want police involved and offered to pay the damage himself.

A soldier wrote in the report that he ordered Slone to drop the pitchfork, but she refused and walked away.

Slone was then forcibly arrested and placed in the back of a patrol car, where she was able to unbuckle her seat belt and began kicking the rear window, prompting soldiers to place her feet in a “box”.

Soldiers were called to a Publix in Minneola, Florida on Tuesday where the woman was selling teddy bears while wielding a pitchfork.
Jeffrey Greenberg/UCG/Universal

When officers asked about the cuts and bruises covering her face and body, Slone repeatedly said that “she felt no more pain and God was in control.”

The soldier who wrote the report noted that the woman “appeared to be very intoxicated by some sort of stimulant drug, but had no odor of alcoholic beverages.”

Slone was incarcerated in the county jail for aggravated assault with a deadly weapon without intent to kill – a third degree felony. She seemed to smile in her mugshot.

She remained behind bars on Thursday after failing to post $2,000 bond.

Slone is due back in court for his arraignment on August 15.

Online records indicate that Slone’s Florida criminal record includes prior arrests for petty theft and breach of probation.


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