Florida deputies shoot and kill man accused of pointing gun at them after threatening girlfriend


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Sarasota County sheriff’s deputies shot and killed a suspect they say pointed a gun at them Sunday morning after threatening his girlfriend.

The sheriff’s office received a call after 9 a.m. about a man threatening a woman with a gun. The woman told police the two had an argument the night before and she awoke to find the man pointing a gun at her.

Sarasota County Sheriff’s Deputies are investigating the scene.
(Sarasota County Sheriff’s Office)

Deputies were at the scene within five minutes, asked the suspect to leave the house, but he did not comply, the sheriff’s office said.

Deputies eventually contacted the suspect by phone and convinced him to go to the window to show his hands. The sheriff’s office said the suspect invited deputies to retrieve the barricaded victim from a bedroom talking to 911 operators. Deputies entered through a door that had been left ajar after the suspect’s mother fled the residence during the incident.


Upon entering, the four deputies were confronted by the suspect who had his hands raised. Deputies issued verbal orders to de-escalate the situation when the suspect retrieved a gun from his back, the sheriff’s office said. He then chambered a bullet in the gun and pointed the gun at the deputies.

Deputies shot and killed the suspect – later identified as Brian Underwood, 47, who had previously been arrested for Domestic Battery in 2014. The sheriff’s office said deputies had responded to calls involving Underwood in the past for other reported family troubles – but none that resulted in arrests.


The sheriff’s office has not released the names of the four deputies involved because they are believed to be victims of aggravated assault. The identity of the female victim – along with her address – is also withheld as she is the victim of aggravated domestic assault with a firearm.


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