Flooded Rosemont citizens could get 4 million from the City


Citizens of Rosemont could receive thousands of dollars in compensation after being victims of flooding in 2009 and 2011. The City of Montreal reserves the sum of $4 million to compensate them for this.

It thus settles a collective action out of court, which had been approved by the courts in 2011. The members affected lived in the quadrilateral formed by the streets Saint-Zotique, Bélanger, de Bordeaux and the 1D Avenue, in July 2009. During this period, water infiltration and sewer backups caused flooding in their homes. Other floods that occurred in 2011 were then added to the recourse.

On Wednesday, the city’s executive committee reached an amicable agreement with the members concerned, who identify themselves as the Rosemont Flooded Citizens Committee. They therefore avoid a trial, which would have started in early November.

By settling amicably, the City limits « the expenses of expertise in demand which could still have been considerably increased for the testimony of such experts during the hearing », she justifies, in a document made public. The sums given to citizens have already been determined. This will make it possible to limit “the subsequent costs of handling complaints and not to be incurred in many mini trial“, we explain.

Affected residents will receive between $1,000 to $3,000 in moral damages. Added to this is a lump sum of $1,500 for material damage in the case of residences flooded twice during the same year. Interest may be added to these amounts. Montrealers who are victims of serious damage could receive additional sums, with supporting evidence.

Steps to follow

The citizen behind the action is called Eugène Robitaille. He had installed a backwater valve at his residence, but had still suffered damages of nearly $115,000. He will get less than $56,000 in compensation from the City.

The compensation agreement will have to be approved by the courts for citizens to be compensated. It is still unknown how many citizens will claim sums. More than 215 of them have already expressed their interest.

Since the floods, Montreal has repaired the sector’s sewers, in addition to installing green facilities, acting as a sponge to prevent flooding.

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