Fitzgibbon questions the governance of Selection Group

Excessively cautious in the Groupe Sélection file still in dispute, Minister Pierre Fitzgibbon admitted this morning that the governance of the Laval company still seemed to pose a certain number of questions in his eyes.

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“There is reason to ask questions about governance,” he declared, on the sidelines of the inauguration of a research center in Saint-Jérôme, before immediately adding that it is important for him to be careful in your comments.

“You have to be careful, because often you make judgments without having all the facts. Honestly, Mr. Bouclin [Réal Bouclin, président fondateur de Groupe Sélection]I did not know him before 2021. Which does not mean that I know him so well [aujourd’hui].”

Governance issues

The Quebec government’s Minister of Economy, Innovation and Energy wanted to recognize Sélection’s expertise in the field of private seniors’ residences (RPA). “At the RPA level, it’s a group that still has a good reputation,” he said before continuing quickly:

“Me, what worries me: what should we do to restructure? Yes, there are governance issues that need to be changed. There are probably also issues of financial levers that need to be readjusted (…) I completely agree with that”, also firmly refusing to take a position for one or the other of the parties in the file. currently in progress.

“But my position as a government is: let’s step back, let the experts decide, but at the same time make sure we preserve the government’s debt.”

More details will follow.

-With the collaboration of Francis Halin, Journal de Montréal

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