Fire in Radville, Saskatchewan destroys municipal office and much of emergency infrastructure

The municipal office in Radville, Sask., along with the adjoining municipal fire hall and workshop, were destroyed in an early morning fire Wednesday.

Crews from surrounding communities were dispatched to assist the Radville Fire Department with the fire, which started at 2:15 a.m. CST.

The cause of the fire in the town, about 134 kilometers south of Regina, has not been determined.

Mayor Rene Bourassa said the community was devastated by the loss, but grateful no one was hurt.

“It was the heart of our community, everyone goes there,” Bourassa said.

“It’s your main go-to place, it’s all in one building. It’s not like a big city where everything is spread out.”

The city office was built more than a century ago and had historical significance to many residents, the mayor said.

Devastating losses for firefighters

Radville Fire Chief Daryl Ferguson said about half of the fire department’s equipment was missing.

“We lost a tank truck we bought a year ago, a budding prairie fire truck we built four years ago. We lost response equipment, hoses and pumps “, Ferguson said.

The aftermath of the Radville fire. (Radville Saskatchewan/Facebook)

The department was able to recover two pump trucks and intervention equipment.

“We’re trying to find somewhere to pick up our trucks in cold weather and somewhere that’s easily accessible to us,” Ferguson said.

“That way if we get a call it will be easy for us to get in and out of the equipment.”

Radville will be covered by the Ceylon, Yellow Grass and Tribune fire departments under a mutual aid agreement until the local service is able to get back up and running.

Ferguson said it would take at least a year to establish a new permanent fire station.

Numerous municipal documents and office equipment were also lost in the fire.

“With construction costs and everything, this is going to be a multi-million dollar loss to our community,” Ferguson said.

“It’s going to be difficult for a while to replace everything.”


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