Fire. Fixed fire in Aude, another uncontrolled fire in Finistère


11:32 am: Three of the four resumptions of fire in the Monts d’Arrée are « under control »

Three of the four fires which had reactivated in the Monts d’Arrée due to unfavorable weather conditions are « under control » and 230 firefighters are present to fight against a fourth outbreak of fire, announced the prefecture of Finistère this Saturday morning.

In a situation update at the start of the morning, the prefecture indicated on Twitter that north of the St-Michel reservoir, the fires are “under control” concerning “two departures from the Brasparts fire”. The prefecture evokes a « controlled fire » also concerning a departure from the Brennilis fire.

On the other hand, it evokes an “uncontrolled fire” concerning a departure resulting from the fire in Brasparts. « Nearly 230 firefighters and 50 firefighting machines are present on site, » she said.

“The additional burned area is 40 hectares in Brasparts and 6 hectares in Brennilis”, according to state services in Finistère.

Thursday, the prefecture announced that the fire in the Monts d’Arrée was « under control » and that the situation was « totally stabilized ».

But four homes had reactivated due to unfavorable weather conditions, in particular the wind, the prefecture had indicated on Friday evening.

Thursday, the prefecture had reported a total burned area of ​​ »1725 hectares of vegetation composed of moors, fir forests and hardwoods ».

The Quimper prosecutor’s office opened two investigations into these fires on Wednesday, including one for « crime of willful destruction by fire ».

9:40 a.m.: The fire between Hérault and Aude is fixed: at least 150 hectares burned

The fire which broke out on Friday afternoon in the Minervois was fixed and destroyed at least 150 hectares in the Hérault and Aude, the firefighters said on Saturday.

Some 80 firefighters remain mobilized « to treat the edges and hot spots » and determine the exact surface that has gone up in smoke.

The command of operations has passed from the firefighters of the Hérault to those of the Aude because if « the fire started from the Hérault », it « concerns with regard to the burned surface mainly the Aude », according to the firefighters of the Hérault. .

The rain on Friday evening allowed « an improved situation » and according to the first estimates, around 150 to 200 hectares were burned, including 80-90 in the Aude, specified for their part the firefighters of the Aude on Twitter.

This Saturday, the risk of fire remained « high » in five massifs of the Hérault including the Minervois, indicated for its part the prefecture, advising against entering it after 11 a.m., in a department placed on heat wave alert at least until to Sunday, like a large south-eastern quarter of France.


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