Fiona will have serious impacts on the economy of the Atlantic provinces

HALIFAX — While it’s still too early to assess the economic toll of Fiona’s passage through eastern Canada, the impact of the post-tropical storm will be significant for parts of Atlantic Canada.

Alex Docherty, a potato farmer in Elmwood, Prince Edward Island, already estimates the damage will reach around $500,000 on his land alone.

Mr. Docherty recalls that three of his farm machinery storage buildings were destroyed by “hurricane-force” winds, as were the barns of several farmers around his farm.

He also points out that this damage occurs just when many producers were preparing to harvest their potatoes.

In Sydney, Nova Scotia, Marlene Usher, the port’s general manager, says she had to tell three cruise ships on Monday that they would not be able to dock this week.

In total, according to Ms Usher, 12 liners have now canceled their visit to Sydney because of Fiona, a loss of more than $1 million in revenue for the port and various local businesses.

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