Fetterman defends debate performance: ‘We showed up’

« If anyone wants to make fun of this…it’s all about getting up and fighting, » Fetterman told host Joy Reid.

The Democratic nominee’s comments also came after Senate Majority Leader Chuck Schumer said on Thursday that the debate in Pennsylvania « didn’t hurt us too much. » Schumer made the remark over a hot mic to President Joe Biden.

At a rally Wednesday night, Fetterman appeared tougher than during the debate. After admitting the debate « wasn’t exactly easy, » a fan can be heard shouting, « We still love you! » in a video posted on Fetterman’s Twitter.

Fetterman also responded on Tuesday to Oz’s assertion that abortion decisions should be handled between « women, doctors [and] local political leaders.

« It’s alarming, » Fetterman said on MSNBC.

The lieutenant governor’s lead in the polls has dwindled in recent weeks, with the race now seen as a draw. Fetterman’s campaign said his communication problems stemmed from auditory processing problems due to the aftermath of the stroke; however, he did not release complete medical records.


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