Ferrari amendment | Humanity

In the automobile, it is the revolution, but still not the class struggle. On Wednesday, the European Parliament voted to ban the sale of new thermal cars from 2035. Except that this text does not apply to everyone: it does not apply to cars… luxury. To pollute in Dacia or in Seat, it is not. Polluting in a Maserati or a Lamborghini is yes. We owe this idea to a handful of MEPs from the Italian right, who proposed this very symbolic “Ferrari amendment”. Voted with 339 votes for and 229 against, it authorizes, until 2036, the sale of luxury cars manufactured in fewer than 1,000 copies. Clearly, the rich will have a year longer than ordinary mortals to spread CO2 with their new toy purchased at a high price. Two weights, two measures, as they say. Come on, roll!


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