FEQ: Ludacris was on fire

Ludacris has experience. The 44-year-old “old” rapper was on fire and in great shape. Generous, he delivered a big performance, Sunday, on the Plains, during the first hip-hop evening of the FEQ.

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Ludacris launched, without downtime, about twenty songs in an hour. Several big bombs, which exploded in the charts, were on the program, with the Southern Hospitalityfrom his first album, stand-upa long version of money maker yeah, Glamorous, Break Your Heart and how-low. He was generous on the “hits”.

A performance that set the bar, let’s say, quite high, for the $uicideboy$ duo, who then took to the stage.

Ludacris communicated constantly with the public. He did not let them go throughout his performance.

“We came from Atlanta to see you. Make more noise than that, ”launched DJ Infamous, before the arrival of the rapper and comedian.

After money makerhe described Quebec as the noisiest city where he performed.

“We were supposed to do eight songs. We will do more than that. I love you, ”he dropped, accompanied by another rapper on the boards, who brought a lot of dynamism.

They both had fun making the right and left sides scream during a competition where the public railed against each other with swear words.

Of the world

DJ Infamous, who was celebrating his birthday, had his moment, with a segment where we heard, among others, Jump Aroundwhere it was jumping all over the place, and excerpts from Smells Like Teen Spirit of Nirvana and We Will Rock You of Queen. Strangely, we did not sing happy birthday to the one who was to give a performance, at the end of the evening, at the Dagobert.

All I Do is Wincovered by DJ Khaled and Move Bitch, with, again, a few swear words put an end to a successful and popular performance.

Were there people on the Plains?

Maybe not as many as when Luke Combs and Maroon 5 passed, but there were many, many. A particularly festive public which did not skimp on the “Ahoy Ohé Ohé”. Atmosphere, there was.

The evening, after a race for the best seats, when the doors open, to the sound of Bring de Noise d’Anthrax and Public Enemy, in the peak, had however started with bad news.

Night Lovell’s performance, scheduled for 7 p.m., has been cancelled. The Ontario artist was forced to cancel his visit due to transportation problems. Is it due to current problems and many cancellations at airports?

The FEQ had no more details on the precise reason for this cancellation, the first since the start of the 2022 edition.

We have lost all hope of seeing, perhaps, the 25-year-old rapper end up on stage with the $uicideboy$. The duo collaborated with the Ottawa artist for the piece Joan of Arc found on the album Goodnight Lovell.

The best

We decided to beat Denzel Curry to 7:30 p.m., but the Florida rapper stuck to his schedule and showed up on stage, as scheduled, at 7:40 p.m.

Hats of hair on the head, the one who self-proclaimed the best living rapper, last May, in the specialized magazine XXL, did everything you need to do in a hip-hop show.

Accompanied by DJ POSHtronaut, he asked the audience if they wanted to have a good time and put their hands up, wave them in the air. Ricky, Ultimatewhere he lifted the crowd by « rapping » at full speed, Sumo Zumowith a hopping crowd, X Wing and Clout Cobain – Cobain Co13AiN were the good moments of his performance. « When we come back, I want to see everyone who is here at my show, » he asked, before ending his performance.


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