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Fatal shooting on a set: Alec Baldwin gives his phone to the police

LOS ANGELES | Alec Baldwin handed over his mobile phone to police on Friday as part of the investigation into the death of a filmmaker on the set of “Rust”, killed by a revolver that the actor was handling during the accident.

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At the time of the tragedy, October 21 on a ranch in Santa Fe, New Mexico, Aec Baldwin was working on a scene with cinematographer Halyna Hutchins. He had been presented with the gun as harmless as it was supposed to contain only dummy bullets.

In particular, the police are looking to find out how live ammunition could have been found on the set, which is in theory strictly prohibited.

In mid-December, investigators had obtained a warrant authorizing them to seize the phone of Alec Baldwin, also producer of the western, believing that it could contain “evidence” relating to the case, such as messages or emails.

Alec Baldwin surrendered his iPhone on Friday to authorities in Suffolk County, New York, where he has a home. Local police will make a copy of the data contained in the device and pass it on to their New Mexico colleagues in charge of the investigation, a spokesman for the sheriff of Santa Fe county told AFP.

This data has not yet been transmitted and exchanges with his lawyers and his wife will be excluded, under an agreement between Alec Baldwin and the authorities, said the spokesperson.

On Thursday, sheriff’s services explained that negotiations were underway to obtain the actor’s phone due to “jurisdictional issues”.

Last week on his Instagram account, the actor posted a rather rambling video in which he claimed to be willing to cooperate with the police, calling “lies” the “insinuations” that he was not obeying the demands of the police. investigators.

No arrests have taken place to date in this case but criminal prosecution is not excluded in the event that responsibilities are established, the Santa Fe prosecutor’s services stressed shortly after the tragedy.

In an interview with the ABC channel, Alec Baldwin said he felt neither guilty nor even “responsible” for the death of Halyna Hutchins.

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