Fans defend Lizzo after Aries Spears ridicules her weight

By Melissa Romualdi.

Fans rushed to Lizzo’s defense after comedian Aries Spears made several insulting comments about the « Good as Hell » singer.

During an interview on « The Art of Dialogue » podcast, Spears made nasty remarks about the singer’s weight and appearance.

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« I can’t get over the fact [that] she looks like the sh*t emoji. She is a very beautiful girl. She has a very pretty face, but she keeps showing off her body. Come on man,” Spears said in a clip of the interview shared online. « I’m not the fittest nigga in the world, but when you’re funny and you’ve got cockiness and confidence and you look decent. I think I’m at least handsome…you get p***y. But a woman who’s built like a plate of mashed potatoes is in trouble. She’s dope. Her music is hard…her body isn’t.

The comedian and actor added, “You know what kills me about women? Hypocrisy and contradiction. “Yeah, queen. “Kill, queen. F**k diabetes. F**k heart issues. F**k heart disease, cholesterol. You all claim femininity and talk about sisterhood, but if you really loved your sister, you’d say ‘Black girl, we love you and trust you, but that’s not it.’

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Following her shocking comments, Twitter went wild, siding with Lizzo. Many users also pointed out the irony of Spears’ criticism of Lizzo’s weight, pointing out that the comedian himself wasn’t in his best shape.

« All the time you’re breathing hard while sitting and Lizzo dances in heels for hours AND plays the flute during them », a user tweeted. « And PSA: Being fat doesn’t mean you’re unhealthy. »

“Every word was useless. Silence is free. #AriesSpears should have kept silent,” another wrote.

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