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Thierry, firefighter, Emma, ​​nurse, Mickaël, garbage collector, Nadia, bus driver, Christine, home help, Serge, nursing assistant. So many faces of these essential workers, who know neither public holidays nor telework, and continue their activities « whatever it takes », ensuring the vital functions of the country. Applauded during the pandemic, quickly abandoned when it came to mobilizing for their salaries, so that they are considered at their fair value.

Far from the great speeches of the President of the Republic and the exceptional bonuses sprinkled here and there, the reality is still just as revolting: these so-called workers « essential », the invisible keystone of our society, are also the most mistreated. According to Dares, they are twice as often on short contracts as all private sector employees, receive salaries 30% lower. They are also more exposed to occupational risks, accidents at work and unemployment. the macronist power extols them in his speeches. In the acts, he corners them more and more.

Because it is indeed the “first on duty” who will be the first victims both of the tightening of the rules of unemployment insurance and of the imminent destruction of pensions. The savings that the government intends to make will be on the backs of those who started working early, occupied the lowest paid and most arduous positions. As for women, nurses, caregivers, home helpers, cashiers, for them, it will be the triple penalty: low wages, poor working conditions, lower pensions. This is how the government treats the workers who have remained faithful to their position during the pandemic, exercising their professions in the service of the greatest number. This lack of correlation between social utility and salary recognition is no longer tenable.

How to accept that shareholders reap millions without moving a finger when essential employees barely touch the minimum wage? « I believe in the France of work and merit », has recently dared Emmanuel Macron. Chick…


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