Fabien Gay: “The Feast of Brotherhood”

The Fête de l’Humanité is an ode to fraternity and solidarity. It carries within it the beating heart of struggles for human emancipation, for freedom, for equality, for the environment, for human rights and peace. The Festival of Humanity is engaged; it is at the service of everyone, and of common struggles. It makes it possible to build the struggles and resistances of tomorrow through these meetings, these debates, these exchanges by welcoming a large audience who come to debate, exchange, party or attend cultural events; to build a social project that stands up with strength and courage in the face of the violence of the crises that sow anger, misery and war in their wake, to get out of a system built on the exploitation and exhaustion of women, people, ecosystems and nature.

All over the world, voices are rising to undo this evidence of a world condemned to the misdeeds of capitalism. All over the world, peoples in struggle are looking for an alternative, to build another society, by taking the common goods out of the clutches of the market and by sharing powers, knowledge and wealth.

The vital needs of a real and ambitious alternative are on the program of the Fête de l’Humanité, with its fraternal, warm, united and peaceful atmosphere.

This urgency for a credible and enviable alternative has become necessary and vital, as the shocks that cross our societies at increasingly regular intervals. The Festival of Humanity is above all the place that makes it possible to make communism credible, enviable and desirable, as an alternative, by making it tangible during the three days of the Festival of Humanity.

Its fight is that of the workers who fight on a daily basis for their jobs, their know-how, their wage conditions; trade unionists prosecuted to defend them and who fight for the improvement of working and living conditions; working classes weakened by the grip of a system that oppresses them and only benefits the richest. It is also the echo of the voices of millions of young people who come together to demand a real ecological transition and who refuse to grow up in cataclysms and climatic disasters, or even real equality between women and men.

These vital needs for a real and ambitious alternative are on the program of the Fête de l’Humanité, with its fraternal, warm, united and peaceful atmosphere.

The Fête de l’Humanité is a necessity in the face of obscurantism which is gaining more and more ground to spread hatred, violence and rejection of the other. This anxiety-provoking climate thunders us with the urgency of rebuilding the collective and the common; it obliges us to shape together a project capable of offering to sorrows and miseries a horizon of peace and fraternity.

We are not starting from scratch; each struggle, each fight for human rights adds a stone to the building and has its place in the Fête de l’Humanité. This fraternity is at the heart of its essence, scope and ambitions. It is invariable and is addressed to all those who fight for their dignity, their lands, their rights; to all oppressed, colonized peoples struggling for their freedom. The Festival is the space for those who will never compromise on their demands for peace, democracy, equality, freedom and justice.

Gathering around these values ​​each year is a responsibility that falls to us, in the same way as respecting our differences and our pluralism in our ideas. This year, the Fête de l’Humanité will bring together all the forces of the left, but also trade unions, associations and NGOs, around debates, exchanges, discussions. We are proud to play this role of gathering, of emulator, of fraternal framework in which each and everyone can discuss, confront their ideas and their vision of what a just and emancipatory society should be. This openness and this tolerance honor the Festival of Humanity; they give consistency to the message of solidarity which is its own and multiply its scope, in society throughout the year.


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