Exclusive ‘Sweet Alberta’ beer comes to Banff as part of a rock show


« To me, there’s nothing more enjoyable than being in Banff and playing a rock ‘n’ roll show. »

BANFF – Come for the beer, stay for the music.

Alberta rocker Jesse Roads returns for three nights at Rose & Crown Banff this week and brings with him two kegs of his exclusive « Sweet Alberta » beer.

« When you look at Alberta and say ‘Sweet Alberta,’ to me there’s nothing nicer than being in Banff and playing a rock-n-roll show, » Roads said.

« I kind of felt like if we did a beer, that would be a really cool thing. »

The Red Deer musician performs Thursday, Friday and Saturday (June 23-25) at 10 p.m. at the Banff Hall. Friday and Saturday have $5 coverage.

A cask of Sweet Alberta will be tapped during Friday night’s show. And if the weather holds, the other barrel will be racked Saturday afternoon on the roof terrace of the Rose around 3 p.m., where Roads will be before the evening show.

« If anyone wants to come say hello or go out and have a pint of Sweet Alberta beer, I’d like to say hello and all that jazz, » Roads said.

« If they let me, I will personally tap the barrel. »

The refreshing idea raised the bar while making the music video for Roads’ « Sweet Alberta. » The rock crew joined the beer concept at the video’s premiere last Saturday.

Only three casks of Sweet Alberta were brewed at Sawback Brewing Co. in Red Deer. Roads’ drink is based on the brewery’s award-winning Hazy Blonde Ale.

Only one cask was opened at last weekend’s show in Red Deer. The other two are reserved for Banff.

With a rosy-pink hue, Sweet Alberta has a fruity raspberry tea flavor with a bit of acidity. It’s about five percent alcohol.

« It’s nice and crisp and it just makes you want to have a few more, » Roads said. « It’s an amazing summer beer. »

Along with hosting the pint night, Roads is thrilled to perform at his « favorite spot. »

Roads gave the public a preview of his new album, Good seats at a funeral, during his last gig.

The album is a reflection of his past trauma and mental health awareness.

“An update on Good seats at a funeralwe’re literally looking at the first week of July for probably a Bandcamp exclusive release and it’s coming everywhere after,” Roads said.

« We have a few new songs to add to the mix and we’ll always be happy to keep the party going and make some noise. »


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