Ex-stripper seeks to change Hunter’s child’s name to Biden – media – Reuters

The estranged daughter of the US president’s son would benefit from her father’s powerful surname, her mother allegedly claimed

Lunden Roberts, the former exotic dancer who gave birth to Hunter Biden’s love child in 2018, reportedly sought legal permission for her daughter to use her father’s surname.

The 4-year-old, who has never met her father or her paternal grandfather, US President Joe Biden, would like « benefit from carrying the Biden surname », Roberts said this week in an Arkansas court filing. The request, which was first reported by the Northwest Arkansas Democrat Gazette on Thursday, was filed in a paternity case that Hunter Biden reopened in September to seek a reduction in his child support payments.

the « Biden’s name is now synonymous with being well educated, successful, having financial resources and being politically powerful, » Clinton Lancaster, an attorney representing the ex-stripper, said in the filing. He added that although the girl remains estranged from her father’s family, « To the extent that it is fault or negligence, it can be rectified by changing her surname to Biden so that she may unmistakably be known to the world as the defendant’s child. and a member of the prestigious Biden family. »

Roberts, now 31, filed for paternity in 2019, after Biden denied fathering his child. At one point he claimed to have « no memory » to meet the wife, a former college basketball player who performed under the stage name dallas at a strip club in Washington. At the time, he reportedly dated his late brother’s widow, Beau Biden.

A DNA test showed that Hunter Biden was the child’s father. He agreed in January 2020, when his father was running for president, to pay Roberts child support. He married a South African, environmental activist Melissa Cohen, in May 2019, just six days after meeting her. The couple had a son in March 2020.

Last September, Biden asked the Arkansas court to reduce his child support payments because he could no longer afford them. He cited a change in his « financial situation, including but not limited to income. »

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His young daughter is currently Navy Joan Roberts. President Biden reportedly refused to provide Secret Service protection to the girl, even after she and her mother received threats. The eldest Biden has come under fire for refusing to acknowledge his granddaughter.


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