Everything for pitou and kitty

The holidays are fast approaching and you are worried about not finding THE gift that will please everyone you know, but what about your pet?

Many Quebec companies have made it their mission to spoil your dear pooch, whether through food, accessories, care or even education! Here are some of them that will please little ones as well as kitties!

green animal

All the latest food trends

Groceries for animals specializing in food and natural products founded by an animal nutrition specialist, the three Animal vert stores offer personalized service by duly trained and competent employees.

Each branch has an impressive natural pharmacy composed of supplements and remedies to promote the health and longevity of your animals. At Animal vert, you will find all the latest food trends as well as a wide selection of natural foods. The choice of products is always made with care, favoring the most ecological and local products possible.

Animal vert has three addresses in Montreal – Plateau, Mile-End and Villeray – and is THE reference in the field of canine and feline food. Their team will surely help you make informed choices for your animals.

More details at animalvert.com

Canine Chef

The benefits and nutrients of a whole prey

Chef Canin, a proud Lanaudière company created in 2016, has the mission to offer high quality balanced raw food from fresh, natural, unprocessed and human consumption quality food. Its philosophy is based on the benefits and nutrients offered by whole prey, as it was initially on the menu of your dogs and cats.

The company is now able to offer several recipes such as Beef, Beef/Chicken, Chicken and Beef/Salmon. In addition, she will soon be offering you eight new recipes for dogs and three new recipes for cats to satisfy both their appetite and their nutritional needs.

Chef Canin also offers a range of natural supplements such as: kelp, valerian, nettle, green mussel powder, colloidal silver, pumpkin powder and several other supplements to meet the more specific needs of your companion. Animal health is his priority!

Learn more at chefcanin.com

Gourmet Pet

Equestrian expert

At Gourmet Animal, you have the chance to take advantage of great expertise. Did you know that not every saddle model fits every horse? The company has the tools to help you make the right choice, if needed.

Horse owners, competitors at heart… the staff you will meet at Gourmet Animal will be able to advise you on your choice of feed and the quantities to give, while taking into account the activity and needs of your horse. The Gourmet Animal team has great expertise to advise you on equipment, accessories and products.

Do you own a small, medium or large stable? Do you need shreds, molds, accessories? It offers multiple services and expertise, including the measurement of your horse for the purchase of a saddle. Go meet and talk to advisors; a visit will convince you and you will leave with confidence, knowing that your animal’s needs remain their priority.

Go to gourmet-animal.com for more info!

The Four Paws at School

Benevolent education

Les Quatre Pattes à l’École is a dog training company that modifies and improves the behavior of dogs by using benevolent education methods based on science and respect for the animal.

The company takes care of creating personalized action plans for each family in order to meet the needs of dogs and their owners. The consultations allow you to better understand canine language, to know what Fido’s needs are and to see in person how you can come and teach new behaviors to your best friend.

Les Quatre Pattes à l’École, proud member of the Regroupement Québécois des Intervenants en Éducation Canine, makes sure to be on the lookout for the latest scientific studies and to follow a code of ethics to offer the best possible service to its customers.

For more information, visit lesquatrepattesalecole.com.


Life is better with a dog!

For Christophe Corré, human coach in canine behavior and founder of ORUS, life is better with a dog. He is an unconditional animal welfare activist and helps families create a trusting, committed, sincere and lasting relationship with their dog, with respect for each of its members.

For Christophe, the first essential step in creating a bond of trust with your dog is to adopt RESPONSIBLY and THOUGHTFULLY. The next step is to equip yourself and develop skills to educate your dog and build a level of communication that facilitates harmonious cohabitation and exchanges that meet the expectations and needs of everyone, including those of the dog.

It is on the basis of the latest knowledge in canine behavior and throughout the life of your dog that Christophe offers to accompany you.

Find out more at orus.services!

Your pet accompanies you throughout the year; it is therefore the least you can do to offer him a present to underline your attachment! For the holidays, spoil it by buying local 😊


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