Even if it is not a priority, a sovereign Quebec would be “viable”, according to Legault

Even if it is not currently a priority for Quebecers, François Legault admitted on Tuesday that a sovereign Quebec would be “viable”.

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“Yes, it would be viable. There would be a big financial challenge obviously, when you look at the level of equalization that we currently receive, but I think that Quebec would be viable, ”he agreed, passing through Gaspésie.

The outgoing Prime Minister takes the level of wealth of Quebecers as proof of this. “There is a level of wealth, when we compare ourselves to the average of countries in the world, which is relatively high, even if we still have a wealth gap with Ontario, unfortunately, that we are in the process of ‘eliminate,’ he insisted.

During the first debate, PQ member Paul St-Pierre Plamondon accused the leader of the CAQ of being the most federalist of the leaders currently in the running for the post of Premier of Quebec.

François Legault does not understand the objective of the leader of the Parti Québécois. « I have a hard time understanding what he means. »

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Viable, independence?

The leader of the Parti Québécois laughed a lot when he heard this statement from François Legault.

“One day François Legault said, we need Canada, that we need Canada’s money… And, the next day… [il dit autre chose]», underlined Paul St-Pierre-Plamondon. “Obviously Quebec is viable.”

The PQ leader says his party made the calculations that prove this viability in its year one budget that was to be tabled during this election campaign.

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However, this document will ultimately not be made public by the ballot.

The leader argues that the inflationary crisis has shaken up the calculations made by the PQ over the past nine months.

“The numbers are no longer adequate,” he agreed. « But, for your information, we calculated $5.1 billion just in duplication of two governments doing the same thing at the same time. »

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