Europe fears US climate law could tip ‘level playing field’

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BERLIN (AP) — Senior French and German officials warned Wednesday that the Biden administration’s recent moves to fight climate change and boost the U.S. economy could upend the « level playing field » on trade between the European Union and the United States.

The EU has criticized the legislation, approved by Congress in August, for including clauses it says discriminate against European automakers.

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« We must work on adequate European responses to this American law on the reduction of inflation, which could jeopardize the field of development between our two continents », declared the French Minister of Economy and Finance, Bruno The Mayor, after talks with his German counterparts.

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Asked what such a response might entail, Le Maire replied: « We are not talking about tit for tat. » But he told reporters that France wanted to explore « all options with our European partners ».

“We should take any opportunity we have to speak to the US administration and make it very clear that we do not want to be affected by these (latest) decisions of the Biden administration and the consequences of the Inflation Reduction Act. « , did he declare. said.

German Economy Minister Robert Habeck also expressed concern about the effects the US measures could have on Europe.

“We see businesses and businesses being drawn from Europe to the United States because of the high subsidies there,” he said. « We can’t (get into) a trade war at times like this. »

“We are in good talks with our American partners, but this definitely requires a strong response, a strong and strong European response,” Habeck added.


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