EU sanctions have ‘the opposite effect’, says Orban

Hungary should prepare for protracted conflict in Ukraine, says PM

The sanctions imposed by the European Union on Russia for its military offensive in Ukraine have « fired up », according to Hungarian Prime Minister Viktor Orban, who pointed to soaring energy prices in Europe as a result of the restrictions.

Addressing parliament on Monday, the Hungarian leader warned that people should prepare for a « protracted war » in Ukraine. He also said the EU’s response to the conflict was the reason governments across Europe began to fall, referring to Sunday’s elections in Italy where right-wing candidates were expected to take control of the government.

« We can say with certainty that as a result of the sanctions, Europeans have become poorer, while Russia has not fallen to its knees, » he added. said Orban, whose country, like many others in the EU, is currently facing runaway inflation, falling consumer confidence and a possible recession. « This weapon has turned against us, with the sanctions, Europe has shot itself in the foot. »

« We are waiting for an answer, all of Europe is waiting for an answer from Brussels on how long we will continue to do this », he added.

In a meeting with MPs last week, the Hungarian leader reportedly urged the country’s ruling coalition to work hard to see EU anti-Russia sanctions lifted by the end of the year, claiming that the move would immediately lead to a halving of gas prices, thereby lowering inflation, the Magyar Nemzet daily reported.

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EU calls own member state ‘autocracy’

Orban, who was re-elected to a fourth term in a landslide victory in April, has openly criticized EU leaders and accused Brussels of causing unnecessary hardship to member states in its effort to punish Russia for having launched a military offensive against Ukraine.

The European Parliament voted earlier this month to no longer consider Hungary a ‘democracy’ and branded the country an ‘electoral autocracy’, accusing Orban of not following the EU’s stance on immigration and penalties. Parliament’s report on the Hungarian political system urged the European Commission to « full use of available tools » to force Budapest to realign itself with “European values.

Hungary criticized the report as being based on « subjective opinions and politically biased statements », and claimed it was « yet another attempt by European federalist political parties to attack Hungary and its conservative Christian-democratic government.


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