Éric Duhaime on his knees in front of the Anglos

Éric Duhaime said that if he were Prime Minister, he would throw all of Bill 96 in the trash because, and I quote, “it divides Quebecers”.

Who said that the leader of the Conservative Party of Quebec was a pit bull who liked to throw cobblestones into the pond and polarize voters?

On the contrary, it is a very docile little poodle who lies down in front of the English-speaking minority in the hope that they will give him a cookie on October 3.

Go get the ballEric.

Yeah, that’s it, good boy, good boy…


It’s funny, huh, but when he comes out in favor of private health care, Éric Duhaime is not afraid of dividing the Quebec population.

Ditto when he decides on issues as controversial as the exploitation of oil resources, health measures or the fight against greenhouse gases.

But when the time comes to decide on the language, our follower of the wedge politics puts on his white gloves and walks on tiptoe.

Suddenly, it’s very, very important to take it easy so as not to “divide the population”.

He becomes so concerned with “gathering” that he even holds a press briefing in both languages! And he calls Bill 96 “Bill 96”!

We knew Doctor Bruce Banner who turned into the Hulk when he was angry.

Now here is the former militant of the PQ and the Bloc Québécois who becomes an apostle of « Bonjour-Hi » so as not to upset English speakers.

Even the PLQ does not dare to go that far!

Dominique Anglade would repeal certain provisions of Law 96.

Him, it’s all the law that he would pass to the shredder!

As he shredded each of the health measures imposed by the government in order to attract the vote of the antivax.

Need what it takes to climb in the polls!

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For Duhaime, we are not obliged to adopt “coercive” measures that violate “the freedoms of the English-speaking minority” to combat the decline of French.

Does this mean that he is even against Law 101?

And if he is against the adoption of language laws on the pretext that they are too liberticidal, what does the leader of the PCQ propose?

Does he think that the anglicization of Montreal will disappear by magic?

Like the pandemic?

It is enough to encourage Anglophones and immigrants to speak French for…poof! do we get served in our language in all the shops in the metropolis?

Is that his plan?

We all hold hands, we sing Kumbaya in front of the statue of John A. Macdonald and that’s it, Michael Rousseau reads In Search of Lost Time ?

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Do you know what he did, Duhaime, this week?

He sacrificed the French-speaking majority of Quebec for his personal advancement.

He exchanged it for the Anglo vote.

It’s that simple.

He defended the freedom to give a damn about our language. The freedom to serve us in English.

The freedom of the wolf to be able to eat the sheep.

When you’re ready to go that far, you’re not just naive.

You are irresponsible.


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