Eric Adams credits Jay Jacobs for narrow Governor Hochul win

Mayor Eric Adams insisted on Saturday that state Democratic Party Chairman Jay Jacobs was doing a great job – joining Governor Kathy Hochul who previously said she would not call for the leader’s resignation besieged.

“I think Jay Jacobs won the governor’s race here, a very tough race,” he told reporters at a SOMOS conference-related charity event in San Juan, Puerto Rico.

“Jay Jacobs was a real steady hand, and I think Rodneyse Bichotte – talk about W,” Adams added, thanking the Brooklyn Democratic Party chair for helping secure the state attorney general’s victory. , Letitia James.

Bichotte also came under fire for not getting her party’s vote in Kings County.

The mayor’s loyalty contrasts with the anger of the party’s left wing, which does not blame its own soft criminal policies and instead blames the party leadership for the losses of centre-left Assembly members – particularly in the south of Brooklyn – as well as the failure to win congressional districts on Long Island and upstate.

“I called for the resignation of Jay Jacob a year ago and I still hold that position,” Socialist Rep. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez said. tweeted Wednesday. She was re-elected to her third term representing parts of the Bronx and Queens on Tuesday.

Mayor Eric Adams said Jay Jacobs “brought the governor’s race back here, a very tough race.”
James Keivom

Adams said Democrats — who found themselves relying on the left-leaning Working Families Party to secure Hochul’s narrow election victory — need to do a better job of talking to Asian and Latino voters.

“We lose them. We need to speak directly to the needs of blue-collar workers in this country that was the foundation of the Democratic Party, and we need to speak to their needs, not speak to them,” he said.

Republican Lester Chang defeated 36-year-old veteran Assemblyman Peter Abbate in the 49th District of Bensonhurst/Borough Park/Sunset Park.

Jay Jacobs.
Lawmakers like Rep. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez and State Senator Jessica Ramos have said Jay Jacobs should be replaced.

He ran against New York’s bail reforms and championed merit-based education and school choice.

State Sen. Jessica Ramos said Jacobs should be fired, but Democrats agreed they had to figure out how to talk about crime.

“Jacobs should have been fired yesterday.”

“It was a great election for Democrats across the country, but here in New York, our leadership has let us down. People are facing crime and a lack of money. And we’re not listening. We’re not listening. We don’t win by running away from the issues that voters care about, and Tuesday was proof of that,” she added.


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