Environment. Despite the rain, the French invited to limit their water consumption

“Even if it is slowing down, the emptying continues over a large part of the territory, with a majority of groundwater falling” in September, said the Bureau of Geological and Mining Research (BRGM) Thursday in its monthly bulletin. According to the public establishment, “many groundwater levels still show unsatisfactory levels, from low to locally very low” and the situation is “particularly worrying” in Provence.

« The levels are rising or stable only in the watered sectors sheltering reactive aquifers, in particular in the south and east of France », further notes the establishment. « The start of the recharge period seems to be looming and the groundwater trends should gradually reverse in the coming weeks », continues the bulletin.

Heavy and long rains needed

But the 2022 low water level – that is to say the low point of the waters – « is particularly severe on the water tables, with the exception of the south-west, with levels at the start of winter much lower than those from last year « . Consequently, « the only solution to preserve the state of the groundwater (…) and prepare for the year 2023, is to limit withdrawals ».

After a record rainfall deficit in spring and summer, France is facing a historic drought with multiple consequences, particularly for agriculture and electricity production.

Despite the return of significant rainfall at the end of September, « the share of rain infiltrated at depth remains low due to very dry soils and the consumption of this water by vegetation », adds the BRGM. « Abundant and long rains will be necessary in the coming months and until spring in order to sustainably replenish the reserves », concludes the Bureau.


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