End of COVID-19 vaccination mandates on Parliament Hill

The Senate decided to follow suit in the House of Commons by lifting its COVID-19 vaccination mandate on June 20.

This means that starting Monday, it will no longer be necessary to show proof of vaccination to enter any of the House or Senate buildings on Parliament Hill.

The decision to « suspend » the vaccination requirement for Senate workplaces was made by the steering committee of the Senate Committee on Internal Economy, Budgets and Administration, citing the high vaccination rate among the personnel, decreasing cases and easing regional restrictions.

« Today’s decision means that Senate staff members do not need to be vaccinated as a condition of employment, » read a statement from the committee.

The change also applies to journalists, visitors, guests, contractors, volunteers and interns. The office of the President of the Senate has confirmed that starting Monday, senators will also no longer be required to be vaccinated.

Other preventive measures against COVID-19 remain in place, including the requirement to wear face masks. This is similar to the approach taken in the House of Commons, which on Thursday announced the lifting of its vaccination requirements for MPs, staff and others.


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