End of arrests without reason: « a judgment which is the right one », says Plante

Profiling has no place in society, said the mayor of Montreal, Valérie Plante, thus giving reason to the judgment of the Superior Court rendered Tuesday, which prohibits the police from roadside interceptions without reason.

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“There is no place in society for profiling. Everyone agrees that we don’t want it. It is a judgment that we consider to be the right one, “said Ms. Plante on Wednesday during a press scrum.

She also recalled that the Service de police de la Ville de Montréal (SPVM) had already adopted, in 2020, a policy on arrests.

“It goes with the work that is already underway with the SPVM,” added Ms. Plante.

On Tuesday, the Superior Court rendered a judgment which prohibits the police from making interceptions without reason, also denouncing racial profiling against the black community. However, a period of six months was granted before it came into effect.

This power to intercept without cause was granted to the police by the Supreme Court in 1990.

Lawyer and president of the Saint-Michel Legal Clinic, Nada Boumeftah believes that this is a “step forward”.

“It is a decision that is courageous and historic. It’s not nothing. We have just put black on white the existence of racial profiling, in a judicial manner. It is now case law, ”she popularized.

She now hopes that the judgment will bring greater awareness to the phenomenon of profiling, both among the public and among the police. She also hopes that it can help create a bond of trust between patrollers and motorists.

The Association of Quebec Police Directors expressed concern on Wednesday about the consequences that the judgment will have on road safety, particularly in cases of drunk driving.

A false argument, according to Me Boumeftah. “This judgment does not come to prevent the police from making roadblocks, she indicated. What they say is that you can no longer intercept someone because you think something. It has to be based on real motives.”

Called to react, the Brotherhood of Police Officers of Montreal has indicated that it will not comment on the judgment.

For its part, the SPVM indicates that it takes note of the judgment and that it will take the time to “analyze its scope and its impact on the level of police interventions”.

« That being said, the SPVM would like to reiterate its commitment to fight against all forms of racial profiling, » said the Communications and Media Relations Division by email.


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