[EN IMAGES] Here’s how the Ukrainians go about shooting down a Russian missile

Ukraine’s air defense has been activated in many cities across the country after several Russian missiles were launched in the direction of civilian and energy infrastructure.

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Since the start of the Russian invasion in February, Ukrainians have been provided with anti-aircraft defense systems to deal with the missile strikes that are decimating the country’s infrastructure.

As the war progressed, Ukrainian soldiers specializing in shooting down Russian missiles developed new skills, particularly with the arrival of equipment supplied by Westerners.

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In an excerpt widely relayed on social networks, a Ukrainian soldier can be seen shooting down what appears to be a Russian cruise missile using a Titan, an anti-aircraft defense system.

The video posted by the official account of the Territorial Defense Force of Ukraine did not disclose the exact location where the device was shot down.

According to the same organization, some 69 Russian missiles were launched towards Ukrainian regions on Thursday. 54 of them were reportedly shot.

Ukraine should receive within a few months from the United States the “Patriot” air defense system, qualified as one of the most efficient in the world.

Earlier, Vladimir Putin warned the United States that the Russian military would « destroy » the Patriot system over the coming weeks.


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