Emergencies Act public inquiry begins today


The public inquiry into the federal government’s unprecedented use of the Emergencies Act in February begins today in downtown Ottawa.

The parties to the investigation, including the organizers of the « Freedom Convoy », the prime minister, seven federal ministers, the police force and officials from all levels of government, are expected to appear in the coming weeks.

Commissioner Paul Rouleau and his staff are expected to spend the first day presenting documents and evidence ahead of testimony beginning Friday.

Hearings at Library and Archives Canada will be streamed live and members of the public will be able to share their views with the commission online.

The federal Liberals used the Emergencies Act for the first time to give authorities greater powers amid border blockades and the occupation of downtown Ottawa by protesters demonstrating against the mandates and COVID-19 vaccine blockages.

The 1988 law requires a public inquiry to be held to review decisions to invoke it, and a commission report is mandated early next year.


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