Elon Musk is the significant negative effect of Twitter

Elon Musk wants to leave Twitter at the altar, mistaking lust for love. Getting away will always cost him dearly, but it’s a better outcome for both parties. The question for Twitter shareholders is how much worse it will be than before its brief alliance with the famous billionaire.

In a filing on Friday, Mr. Musk’s lawyers said they intended to terminate the merger agreement he signed in April with the social media platform. His claim is that Twitter breached their agreement by not providing Mr. Musk with requested information to settle questions about bots and an allegedly inflated user count. Mr Musk, through his lawyer, also accuses the social network of « materially inaccurate representations » and added for good measure his belief that the share of spam and fake accounts in Twitter’s user base is « very high » than the less than -5% figure that Twitter has historically claimed in its regulatory filings.


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